Ways to Support
Underground Classical




To bring to the community at large these eye-opening, awe-inspiring, art-filled concert presentations,


Underground Classical relies on community support and donations.  Underground Classical is a 501(c)(3)


nonprofit organization. Therefore, monetary gifts, as well as gifts of products and services, are tax-deductible to


the extent allowed by Internal Revenue Service laws.





Become a Business or Corporate Sponsor


Promote your business’ status while building a stronger community by supporting the arts through sponsorship of our summer season!  Sponsors are community leaders who believe everyone benefits from a thriving arts environment.  Giving to Underground Classical is in essence, giving to the city of Cleveland. Sponsors know that investing in the arts makes good business sense. If you value the vibrancy of the arts and the economic benefits they generate, please consider becoming a sponsor for our 2019 season!




Become an Advertising Partner


If you could get your company name in front of an enthusiastic audience of a lot of people this summer for about the cost of two movie tickets, you’d probably ask, “really?” The answer is, yes, really.
Advertising with Underground Classical offers your business extremely affordable rates and a great opportunity to reach hundreds of local residents, audience members,while building awareness for your business and supporting Underground Classical, artists, and the Waterloo Arts District in Cleveland.

Click on the PDF for the advertising application.






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Shop Amazon at all? For every purchase you make, Amazon will donate to

Underground Classical!  Click over there to get started!